Wednesday, 2 August 2017

hall of Zack


  1. Amazing! zack i love how you did it digital. Because it looks more professional. I also love the back round, because it is black. You could also write about how you did you name art. Because it just gives the reader more information about it . It also looks cool because you put blue on the bottom of it. And black as the back round and also lastly purple as a highlight of the name art . lastly i like how thereis mixture of colurs on the art.

  2. Cool MR.BADGER!! That is amazing.its very cool because you'er cool but it would good/great if you could write about your name art/label.I also like the way that you put my colours which are blue and red and you put the blue on the bottom and the top and the red on the middle and I like that you put those colours on all of the letters you writed.I am so proud of of did/added/earned you great pride!