Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Amazing Mt Bruce

Are we there yet? 1min to go. Finally we're here. As I Whakt in jumping with excitement. I almost vomited Because it stink like rotten eggs In there.As I thumpt on the floor I saw stuffed kiwis takahe And Kia And Hawks WWW I heard the whistle blow.so I go sit down by my bag.we saw Ranges walking and they introduced there  herself. We went to the North Island kokako It is the only want to New Zealand that is kids kept in captivity They had two big things on it's  Neck . We Went to sea a tuatara .They Stayed as still as a statue.We saw an incubator in the room Next door .We went into a theatre to watch a video .This is the moment we've  all been waiting for.Into the dark room .The turkey was were chasing each other it was really cool   there was a snowy White Kiwi .

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