Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The key

The Key by Zack

  • Beginning, middle and end
  • Simple, compound and complex sentences
  • Choosing the best possible words
  • Lots of rich details
  • Punctuating sentences (CAPITAL letters in the right place, full stops... )
  • Paragraphs
  • Use your planning and revising learning muscles
Once upon a time I was walking along the beach by myself and I saw something shimmering in the distance so I ran and ran but I never found anything. Suddenly a brit gold key shimmered rit in front of my eyes I thort I should pick it up but what if it was a trap well I didn't' fall for it. So I ran home thinking about what that key led to, was it a cave or maybe a underground bunker I don't know what it led to?

Later that night I could not sleep because I could not stop thinking about the key. I jumped out of my bed then I slipped my slippers on  and I quietly sneaked out my bedroom door and rushed down the stairs grabbed my dressing gown on and  snuck out the door.

Then I walked down the to the beach and found the key. I picked it up and ran as far away as possible. I sat down on a nearby rock steering down at the sparkling key. And I let out a long si. What should I do with it but then I noticed something on the key. It was a little dusty so I blow the dust of and there was a pirate symbol on it.
I walked home and on the way I found a shortcut so I went down the track and I tripped over a root in the ground.
And fell of a cliff and I got knocked out.

I la on the ground still as the ground and till I finally woke up and I was sitting on something  it was a key howl I thought to myself could it be.

Friday, 22 September 2017

vaporware Art2

You should buy my calendar because it is cool because you will never see a another one like it.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


I was walking along the beach and then I saw something shimmering in the distinc so I ran and ran and I never came axos it and then rit in front of my eyes there was a brit gold key the end

Monday, 4 September 2017

my soccer

                      this is me with the ball in I am about to get a goal
                                         this is me passing to my team mate
                                          I am focusing
                                          this is me looking to pass
                                          this is me kicking the ball up fled
                                          I got player of the day

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A TIME WHEN I WAS ... ( penalty shot)

It was a cold morning and I was 7 turning 8 I was playing soccer and I got penalized in   right in the goalie box. So I had a penalty shot. I felt so anxious. To get it over with. but we  all new that I would miss it. as the whistle blow. I closed my eyes and hit the ball. It went quiet for a second and then I heard people cheering and trumpets blowing. I opened my eyes and I saw the ball in the net and then the final Buzzer went off buzzzzzzzzzz

We had won the championship game.    

Wednesday, 2 August 2017



Kapa haka and pasifika

Kapa haka and pasifika

On tuesday morning people  from Hastings Boys high school came to parkvale  school to show us a little bit of what they do. They showed us kapa haka and pasifika  when they did the pasifika I like the singing because it spawned good it was really cool.I felt the ground shaking when the kapa haka stomped on the  ground


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hall of Zack

Monday, 3 April 2017

To the editor

Our streams and rivers are being polluted everyday and these are sam things that will not make it better. Cow manure / Animal waste and/ sewage.

If we don't stop polluting fish and other animals might die and we won't get Beautiful fresh water.

This is my solution, farmers should build fences to keep the cows in and owners of animals get the a waste bucket and a little lake to put the sewage in.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mt Bruce Reading Activity

Amazing Mt Bruce

Are we there yet? 1min to go. Finally we're here. As I Whakt in jumping with excitement. I almost vomited Because it stink like rotten eggs In there.As I thumpt on the floor I saw stuffed kiwis takahe And Kia And Hawks WWW I heard the whistle blow.so I go sit down by my bag.we saw Ranges walking and they introduced there  herself. We went to the North Island kokako It is the only want to New Zealand that is kids kept in captivity They had two big things on it's  Neck . We Went to sea a tuatara .They Stayed as still as a statue.We saw an incubator in the room Next door .We went into a theatre to watch a video .This is the moment we've  all been waiting for.Into the dark room .The turkey was were chasing each other it was really cool   there was a snowy White Kiwi .