Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A TIME WHEN I WAS ... ( penalty shot)

It was a cold morning and I was 7 turning 8 I was playing soccer and I got penalized in   right in the goalie box. So I had a penalty shot. I felt so anxious. To get it over with. but we  all new that I would miss it. as the whistle blow. I closed my eyes and hit the ball. It went quiet for a second and then I heard people cheering and trumpets blowing. I opened my eyes and I saw the ball in the net and then the final Buzzer went off buzzzzzzzzzz

We had won the championship game.    

Wednesday, 2 August 2017



Kapa haka and pasifika

Kapa haka and pasifika

On tuesday morning people  from Hastings Boys high school came to parkvale  school to show us a little bit of what they do. They showed us kapa haka and pasifika  when they did the pasifika I like the singing because it spawned good it was really cool.I felt the ground shaking when the kapa haka stomped on the  ground


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